Nude pink: urban softness

As a little touch with accessories like a bag, in a total nude look, in tone on tone with shades of pink, powder pink is the it-color of the moment. Find out how to wear this soft and dynamic color on a natural and minimalist bag !

When the sun comes back, pink tones are making their comeback. For this occasion, the MAG bag arrives in nude, the soft color to wear without any hesitation. This powder color is THE it-color of the moment. Subtle, delicate and urban, discover this trendy and timeless shade essential to your wardrobe. “Nude is the new black”!

An all-season color

For a long time, this color was associated sometimes with babies and little girls, sometimes with peroxidized bimbos, powder pink was victim of  some not very glamorous prejudices. However, for several seasons, nudes colors has made a big comeback in our wardrobes. But not only ! It is also found in make-up trends, decoration, and accessories. The nude pink bags have become the essential accessory of our outfits. At the same time romantic, very soft, romantic, floral, light pink returns particularly each spring with the arrival of the beautiful days. However, rosy nude is also a shade that is ideal for winter thanks to its polar and urban looks with its minimalist spirit. This versatile and delicate color is in fact part of several essential trends of recent years. This luminous shade mixes with pastel shades such as sky blue or water green, Nordic style with its freshness, and, of course, a return to naturalness with the great trend of the moment : nude. Indeed, total nude looks invade the fashion pages and #OOTDs of our influencers with shades of beige and brown. Powder pink allows you to subtly change from ecru or white shades. Of all the catwalks, for all styles, pink is the it-color to shop.

sac mag nude maglone

An unisex color

In addition to being a spring-summer and winter color, pink nude is also a shade for everyone. Just like black, camel and terracotta, red, shades of blue, or white, this trendy color has become a timeless one that adapts to all genres and styles ! Whether you have a rock, urban, chic, sportswear, retro look or a mix of inspirations, powder pink upgrades all outfits. An accessory of this shade is simply the right choice : no fashion faux-pas possible ! A powdered bag like our MAG it-bag with its wooden handle will sometimes bring lightness and luminosity, it will sometimes subtly soften a loaded outfit and sometimes it will stand out as the flagship piece of the outfit. We love its fresh side, its eccentricity, its sunny and dynamic spirit which turns its minimal, natural, wise and delicate side upside down. Which makes him a color that goes with everything. And unlike the clichés about pink that still persist, nude pink is suitable for both women’s and men’s lockers. It doesn’t belong to a box and thrives on a masculine-feminine look.

sac mag nude

How to wear nude pink ?

Being a color that goes with all outfits, nude is very easy to wear. In small touches with accessories such as a bag or shoes, it is a safe bet. For example, for a streetwear outfit, opt for a bag with design lines worn short in a banana with black clothes and sneakers. For a Scandinavian and natural spirit, bet on light tones such as an ecru suit to accompany your it-bag. With the wooden handle, the effect is guaranteed ! Worn with timeless pieces, a nude bag will give you an elegant look. It can also soften up a color block or grunge outfit. For vintage aficionados, nude will bring a 60s or 90s touch depending on the rest of your outfit. And for an everyday look, nothing beats light jeans and a white t-shirt. It’s simple, this powdered bag is sufficient on its own, it will go with everything. The most important thing is to break its girly side. However, for the more daring fashionistas, dare the total look in shades of pink, because pink is in the spotlight this year. And if you have fun with an oversized masculine-feminine look, you’ve won it all !

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