« When I decide to create MAGLONE, I saw that as a new challenge. It was the best way for me to share my view of the world and also the one of my generation. I want to offer unique leather goods. Therefore I like to mix genders and trends. The ideas is to create collections with unique shapes and details while offering timeless pieces all wardrobes. I attach particular importance to the sourcing of my products: materials are carefully selected as close as possible to the craftsmen to obtain and offer a high-end product. My credo? Share my creations with a lot of Love (with a capital L). ”


It means strolling in the Marais or Montmartre, traveling, brunching at a parisian coffee with a book in winter, discovering, learning, meeting, having fun, sharing good meals with family, lying under the sun of Indian summer, partying, to smell flowers in a field, changing, be unique, dancing, chilling, love yourself and the others, be free, be wild… To live quite simply!


At Maglone, we break the codes : we do not belong to a single box and we proudly claim our singularity! The difference is our strength. We play with styles, genders, colors, shapes, materials, and eras to offer you a unique and unisexe product for everyday that adapts perfectly to each of your styles and moods.

Our key words: timeless, singularity and style.


All our creations are imagined and designed in our parisian workshops. We strive to produce responsibly to provide you with an exceptional product. For this, the designer carefully selects raw materials in Europe, mainly in France and Italy. The jewelry and smooth cowhide leather are Italian, the goat leather comes from the southwest of France, the cabinetmaker is Parisian, the wood French. The manufacture of bags is part in Paris, part in Spain and part in a luxury workshop in Vietnam, and all of our small leather goods, in France. Creating a bond of trust with our customers is a priority and this requires transparency in the design and production of Maglone products.