Carmine red : glamourous !

Carmine or “cochineal red” has been present since the beginning of the history of fashion, art and beauty. Its multiple shades represent different emotions. At once timeless, deep and original, at Maglone we find carmine red inside, as well as outside!

Sometimes glamorous, sometimes sexy and dangerous, carmine red is a color that does not go unnoticed !

A natural color

Obtained from the female of an insect, the cochineal, carmine red, like crimson red and vermeil, has been used since ancient times to color textiles or leathers. It’s also found in beauty products like lipstick and varnish and, of course, in art.

It takes its name from the carminic acid found in the eggs produced by the female cochineal. This insect lives in cacti now cultivated in South America, mainly in Peru. If carmine red is very present in Aztec culture, it is also famous in ancient Egypt and then in Europe from the 16th century.

A deep red

The carmine color indicates a deep red. There are twelve shades of carmine from natural pigments. Red has always had several opposing meanings. Sometimes synonymous of love, sensuality and passion, this shade also represents anger, danger or prohibition. Whatever its meaning, red expresses strong emotion, and depth. At Maglone, its intense side makes the difference.

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A Maglone color

Carmine red is very present in the collections Dicydence of the house of Maglone. It alone represents the key words of the brand. Indeed, to create the collections, the creators play on oppositions : the contrast between the oversize and the mini that we find between the 48h PAB and the JOA card holder, the contradiction between a sometimes classic exterior and an interior surprising, the duality between the red trend and its retro-chic spirit. They are also interested in travel and especially in South America, which brought them together for this first collection.

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Its glamor and timelessness fit perfectly with the designers’ desire to create elegant, trendy pieces with a vintage touch. In each model, each collection, carmine color and his shades like terracotta and its meanings take place. This deep red is found on all the linings of Maglone bags and on a large majority of models thanks to a quality carmine tanned leather.

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