Saphir Waterproofing


To protect your leathers or suede and velvet from moisture, opt for Saphir waterproofing !

Saphir waterproofing preserves your new bags and accessories, whether they are in leather or textile. Protect your leather goods from damage due to bad weather by preventing them from being stained by rain or snow.

This waterproofer also works as a dirt protection and prevents dust from entering leather and suede. Ideal for protecting the softness of the suede on the OLI bag or the luxury leathers of other parts, and also the wooden handle of the MAG bag.

The product is placed on the surface of the bag and functions as an impenetrable protective barrier and is particularly recommended for the maintenance of suede, suede and nubuck leathers. Its ease of use thanks to its spray formulation makes it particularly suitable for waterproofing large surfaces. Imperceptible to the fingers once dry, the Saphir waterproofing product is completely transparent and does not change the color of your part to be waterproofed.


To use this product (particularly essential in rainy weather), it is generally sufficient to apply it once in a while. You can also use it in the evening every two to four weeks to ensure that your bag is completely waterproof. Position yourself in a very well ventilated room and spray the waterproofing 20cm away from your model, then leave on for at least 30 minutes, or overnight (to be sure) before you can wear your new accessory. Always store your product in a dark, cool room, away from moisture.

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