Universal Cream Saphir


To clean and nourish the leather of your bags (and your shoes), Saphir universal cream is the first product to use !

Ideal for the maintenance of standard leathers, the universal cream cleans the little addicts, dust, dirt and unclogs the pores of the skin, restoring it to its original radiance. This fabulous cream perfectly moisturizes all our smooth cowhide leathers and even our goat leather on the MAG bag and small leather goods.

Recommended by leather professionals, the universal cream allows regular leather maintenance and can be applied to all your leather goods, your shoes and your smooth leather clothes. Its formula, almost unchanged since 1920, contains beeswax and jojoba oil prized for its moisturizing and repairing properties, to allow the cream to clean the leather without drying it too much. The leather is hydrated and soothed by the beeswax which acts as a protection against the effects of wind and sun on the leather. Universal cream is a powerful and concentrated leather care product that remains very economical since it is effective even when applied in small quantities.

150 mL

Remember to shake the bottle before use and perform a test on the underside of your bags or any other hidden part to make sure that the universal cream does not alter the patina of your leather. Use a chamois or your finger to quickly apply the cream, using only a dab of product per bag, then let your leather dry for a few minutes Store Saphir Universal Cream in a room away from heat and humidity.

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