Redskin : an trendy color !

The trees are changing of colors, winter is coming … It’s autumn that is setting in ! And with it our favorite trend : Redskin color. Soft and raw at the same time, this color is a staple of the season. To wear and re-wear without hesitation !

Warmer than beige and brighter than brown, the redskin color has become a staple in our wardrobes. Between vintage spirit and minimalism, it adapts to all styles.

A timeless color

Halfway between ocher and brown, the redskin color entered the color charts of the fashion and accessories sphere in 1916. For over a hundred years, this pretty shade has been worn in clothes, shoes, hats and, well. safe, bagged. Aficionados of natural tones adopt it for its gentle style. Fashionistas wear it to enhance their looks. The dressing of vintage enthusiasts are filled with redskin for its retro look. Minimalism fans appreciate its contemporary side just as crude worshipers love its wild spirit. Those who prefer simple outfits shop it because it is a fashion “go-anywhere”. Finally, for those who follow seasonal trends : redskin is a must-have for fall-winter, right in the tones of the nature that surrounds us at this seasons.

And since for the end of 2020, the trend is for seventies styles, let’s go! Redskin, fashion and timeless, is a must-have and blends with all gendres. It is found on all models from the house of Maglone with elegant nuances. On the MAG bag from the Heritage collection, we can even discover it with its 100% fashion cousin : terracotta. A classic and original duo that works perfectly !

duo camel sac

Alexandre wears the OLI bag // Mélissa wears the MAG bag

How to wear the redskin color ?

Since its arrival, redskin has been worn mainly as a small touch on our outfits. Redskin accessories are popular ! In shoes or in a bag, it goes wonderfully with denim for a retro look, for example with a satchel or a crossbody, we also like it on a softer bag with liberty for a bohemian outfit or with bright tones like white or nude for a natural style. Whatever our desire, it adapts. With the different styles that have been arriving in the sphere of fashionistas in recent years, we can also discover it in total look : play with the more or less light shades of this color and your OOTD will be warm and soft. Wear it with colors from the same family like beige, khaki or brown and you’ll be right on trend. A true classic of our wardrobes, there is little risk of making fashion faux pas with this one !

sac oli mag camel

Mélissa wears the OLI bag // Marine wears the MAG bag

If we see it more on the fall and winter collections, know that it can be worn just as well as accessories in spring and summer for lighter and fresher outfits !