You of the month : Nastasia Kovalik

A coup de #travelgram, Nastasia nous emmène en Asie, à Paris, sous les tropiques ou sous la mer, en bateau, en van ou à la nage !  A la fois sauvage, tendre , calme et pétillante, @nasta_lifestyle, c’est LA You feel good à suivre.

For this month which announces the holidays, the sun and the beach, we travel with the awsome Nastasia Kovalik aka @nasta_lifestyle. This Parisian, followed by more than nine thousand followers, is part of the great family of “travelleuses”. She chose the intense black PER bag. Discover our You of the summer.

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With #travelgram, Nastasia takes us to Asia, to Paris, in the tropics or under the sea, by boat, van or swimming! At the same time wild, tender, calm and sparkling, @nasta_lifestyle is THE You feel good to follow.

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Who are you ?

My name is Nastasia, I am 25 years old and I live in the Paris suburbs.

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What do you do ?

I am an event hostess, photographer and videographer by passion, a part-time traveler and a dreamer the other half of the time. It will soon be 10 years that I am also a photo model.

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What can we find on your Instagram ?

My insta is a bit like my room. A mix, a mess, but which contains the most essential things in my life : my passions, my inspirations, my memories. Most of the time, these are travel photos and videos. Especially in Asia like Indonesia or the Maldives ! But also my moments spent in Paris or what I eat. I really like to share what’s good with everyone ! Whether for the eyes or the stomach. I also love clothes or going out with my friends. I really have a passion for photography and video so I do travel, fashion, or portraits.

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nasta sac per

Why do you choose the PER bag ?

So, you should know that 90% of my closet is black. I love this “color” that I refresh from all angles. Timeless, classy, ​​discreet. And most importantly, the PER bag is an authentic and unique piece. I’m tired of having to search for hours to find authentic things in thrift stores. There I find the quality of real leather bags. Nobody has it, everyone asks me where I got it. And many envy me ! I can store my computer there when I’m taking pictures, or my heels and my dress when I’m a hostess. When I want to roam for a few days, I can put a few things in addition to my computer. It is my master key and quickly became my essential.
Our bag must be as important as our perfume, it must represent us and we must be proud of it.

What’s the ideal outfit for this bag ?

With the Per, I like to wear my camel-colored trench coat, my burgundy V-neck blouse, my timeless black jeans and moccasins to match it all. An elegant and simple look 100% made in Paris!

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>>> You can find her on Instagram @nasta_lifestyle and on Youtube.